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How One Trader Turned $4 Into Over $5,000 Profit

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Think you have to be a financial expert to trade the markets? Think again! This is the story of 19 year old Hoa Nguyen; a small-town girl from Vietnam, who turned a $4 account balance into over $5,000 profit in just two weeks.

We often hear of success stories but seldom believe in them; turning a situation on its head seems impossible after we experience a crushing failure. But if there’s one place where amazing turnarounds are possible, it’s the ever-unpredictable and opportunity-rich forex industry. And Exness trader Hoa Nguyen is living proof of it.

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From $4 to $5,000

After joining the Exness Tradathlon contest earlier this year and very quickly making her way to first place with $4,000 in her account, Hoa found herself on the unprofitable side of a flash crash and saw her winnings dwindle to a mere $4 overnight. Disappointed and discouraged, she stepped away from trading to clear her mind, but just a day later, determined not to give up, she decided to give it another try.

After a day of grinding, Hoa watched her $4 turn into $185 and almost triple to $500 the next. On the third day, the measly $4 had grown to a whopping $2,000 and you can easily guess how it went from there. The result? Second place in the Tradathlon contest, a ticket to compete in the Grand Final in Dubai, and over $5000 cash profit to take home!

What can we learn from Hoa’s story?

No initial deposit is ever too small;No situation is impossible to turn around;Never give up, even when your funds are almost drained;Practice patience and discipline in your trading;Stick to your trading strategy and don’t make rash decisions based on emotion;Grind.

What exactly is a grinder? According to Investopedia, “In financial investing, this describes a person who puts in significant work to bring in small amounts or profits in a highly tedious and laborious, but ultimately effective, manner.”

So for those of you just starting out in forex, don’t adopt a “get rich quick” approach. Start small, work hard, be patient, and believe in yourself and the possibilities this market can give you.

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You can watch Hoa share her inspiring story here.

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