Account types in Hotforex Broker 


Minimum Deposit (USD): $5

Maximum Leverage: 1:1000

Spreads Types: Variable

Spreads from (pips): 1

Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 150



Minimum Deposit (USD): $100

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Spreads Types: Variable

Spreads from (pips): 1

Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 300



Minimum Deposit (USD): $200

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Spreads Types: Variable

Spreads from (pips): 0

Max Simultaneous Open Orders*: 500 / *60 standard lots per position


Minimum Deposit (USD): $200

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Spreads Types: Variable

Spreads from (pips): 1

Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 300


Minimum Deposit (USD): $250

Maximum Leverage: 1:300

Spreads Types: Variable

Spreads from (pips): 1

Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 350



Minimum Deposit: $500

for Strategy Provider, $100 for Follower

Maximum Leverage: 1:400

Spreads from (pips): 1

Max Simultaneous Open Orders: 300



Financial markets and your HotForex account are in the palm of your hand with the HF app: use it to help you understand the markets with trading tools and the latest news, updates, and financial analysis. The updated HF app now features direct access to your myHF area.



  • Deposit, Withdraw & Transfer

Managing your account and your funds has never been so easy: simply login to myHF area on your mobile device.

  • Advanced charting functionality

Choose between various graph types & time frames, apply technical indicators, use a zoom scrollbar or read news live.

  • HFcopy

Our innovative trading solution is now even more accessible for mobile traders who want to join forces on the go.

  • PAMM

Fund Managers use funds allocated by Investors to trade on their behalf in return for a Success Fee.






 MyHF Area                           Daily Market Analysis

 Trading Positions               Traders' Board  

A feature-rich professional trade execution and analysis tool offering precision trading, automated scaling out from positions, templates for frequently used order entries and analysis of open positions

This is an extension of the Trade Terminal which displays the same deal ticket as the Trade Terminal in the context of a specific trading chart.


It provides a user-configurable news feed and economic calendar. You can get useful, personalized content in the form of the customizable news feeds and the alarms on the economic calendar.


Shows sentiment based on real open positions: the number of traders who are currently long or short. The tool also shows historic sentiment plotted against price, and a dashboard of current sentiment on multiple symbols.


Gives you a quick market overview through the world’s key markets and time zones. It shows the current global time, markers for future news events, plus an overview of price movements during each session.


A personal trading assistant which can notify you - or your followers on social media - about events and carry out any number of automated actions, such as opening positions or sending email.


Offers invaluable market information on different time scales and enables you to make better risk-informed decisions. The Matrix shows correlation between different markets, and lets you highlight areas of low or high correlation.


Provides full control over symbol watch-lists and all account and order activity; all these from one small, convenient window. You can select symbols, view recent price activity, place market and pending orders, and modify existing positions.


Puts real-time account, ticket, and price data into Excel using simple formulas without macros or programming. If you have basic programming skills, you can also set the tool to send trading commands from Excel or any other COM environment.


A package of useful, commonly-requested chart indicators including Renko bars, Pivot points, chart-grouping, highs and lows, order history, candle countdown, and freehand drawing directly onto the chart.


Displays a variety of different types of tick chart, including traditional tick-by-tick line charts, timed tick charts, and tick bars/candles. The tool also allows ultra-fast order entry using single mouse-clicks or keyboard shortcuts.


Allows comparing correlation between two symbols, and trade emerging differences. It shows both the correlation between the symbols and also recent price activity as well as any open positions in the chosen symbols.


Gives you a quick market overview through the world’s key markets and time zones. It shows the current global time, markers for future news events, plus an overview of price movements during each session.


A personal trading assistant which can notify you - or your followers on social media - about events and carry out any number of automated actions, such as opening positions or sending email.


Allows comparing correlation between two symbols, and trade emerging differences. It shows both the correlation between the symbols and also recent price activity as well as any open positions in the chosen symbols.

Forex Education – Giving you the head start you need 
At HotForex, we believe in educating you and all our traders by giving you the resources you need to improve your Forex trading experience and results. Whether you’re completely new to trading Forex or a seasoned trader, our great range of Forex educational tools will put you on the right trading path. Start to learn today by taking advantage of our great range ofForex training resources! Whether you’re interested in our live webinars or market analysis, want to watch Forex-related training videos or simply want to work through our Forex education eCourses, you’ll find everything you need at HotForex!
Register for one of our live Forex webinars

Whether you’re a complete newbie to the Forex trading world, simply want to brush up on your Forex knowledge or are an experienced trader, our Forex webinar series is geared towards helping you succeed! From Live Analysis and Scalping Strategies to Emotion Control in FX, check out our entire range of upcoming Forex trading webinars by clicking on ‘Read more’ and book your FREE places today.

HotForex Daily Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis Team provides you with the latest market news and forecasts how the markets are developing. If you’re serious about becoming a successful trader, you need to understand how the markets work, what impacts them and what moves them. Our daily market analysis reports cover fundamental and technical analysis and look at financial news from around the world.

HotForex eCourse in Forex

Learn all there is to know about Forex by visiting your myHF client portal! Our comprehensive Forex educational eCourse is an easy access, step-by-step guide that starts by introducing you to the basics of Forex. It goes on to show you how you can read and interpret financial charts, put tried and tested trading strategies into practice and how to develop the right trading psychology.

HotForex – The Experts In Forex Trading

Established in 2011, HotForex has blazed a trail through the world of forex trading. With 200 experienced members of staff at its disposal, the company has the expertise required to get you out of the starting block and into in the exciting world of forex. HotForex supports more than 27 languages and has users from all over the world.

From its commencement 7 years ago, the company has opened 500,000 user accounts which illustrate the popularity of this broker’s forex trading platform. HotForex has won many industry awards over recent years:

  • Best Forex Broker, Latin America 2018 (International Business Magazine)

  • Best Global Forex Trading Education Provider (Global Brands Magazine)

  • The Bizz 2017 Peak Of Success (World Confederation Of Business)

  • HotForex Unique Features – Great Bonuses and Promotional Offers

The intelligent technology that HotForex uses means that orders are executed immediately without delay, and a high amount of liquidity gives traders more flexibility. There are 8 different types of accounts so that a wide variety of customers are catered for.

Another great feature is that HotForex gives traders educational tips on how to improve their performance on the platform. A team of managers and analysts give traders powerful technical and fundamental analysis results daily helping them to make significant profits.

There are many unique offers provided by HotForex such as 100% bonus deposits, and competitions with prizes of $10,000. Prizes on offer for lucky winners also include highly sought after items like Fitbit exercise wear, Amazon tablets, portable speakers and GoPro portables video cameras.

Trusted And Regulated Practices at HotForex

HotForex is a responsible business and as such acts completely with law and regulations.

The company has the following licenses from financial institutions:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

  • HF Markets (SV) Ltd is registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadine as an International

Business Company with the registration number 22747 IBC 2015.

Reliability and Safety at HotForex

HotForex takes its responsibility for protecting clients’ funds seriously. Fund supplied by customers are kept separate in reputable bank accounts which HotForex does not have access to. The company also provides insurance worth up to €5,000,000 in case of any errors or negligence. The broker is regarded as providing excellent protection for clients.

140+ Financial Instruments To Trade With At HotForex

HotForex allows customers to trade up to 140 financial instruments. You can also trade 50 currency pairs and use the leverage of up to 1:1000 and spreads start at 0.1 pip. Aside from forex, clients can also trade equities, indices, metals and commodities. You can also trade some of the best-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, you cannot store these currencies; you can only speculate on them. Trading of cryptocurrencies is allowed Monday to Friday, and there is a one dollar charge on every lot traded. 

Customers benefit from having access to 8 different types of accounts depending on their needs. Each account has a different level of spread, leverage and minimum deposit. For people who want to try out HotForex for the first time, there are demo accounts which have balances up to $100,000 and can be used for an unlimited amount of time.

Does HotForex Have Easy & Safe Withdrawal & Deposit Methods?

HotForex offers its users free account funding, so there are no extra fees associated with depositing to your trading account. The company even goes the extra mile and will refund any charges that your bank imposes for doing a transfer. All that is needed is a receipt of your transaction, and you will be compensated by HotForex. 

Traders on HotForex can benefit from using many different methods for withdrawing deposits. You are free to withdraw with a credit card, wire transfers or to your bank account online. Impressively, you can even withdraw and deposit funds using Bitcoin which is not common for forex websites. 

Adding or withdrawing funds can take up to 10 minutes but are usually executed immediately. The exception is doing a wire transfer which necessitates at least two working days. You can actually make a deposit as low as $5 which is a very user-friendly option, and a great choice for those just starting out in the world of forex trading. However, it should be stressed that for security reasons you are only able to withdraw in the same way that you deposited funds.

Top Trading Software At Your Fingertips

HotForex uses the industry-standard MT4 platform which has an excellent reputation for being simple to use, quick at executing orders and highly efficient. One added benefit is that HotForex actually provides the MT4 Multiterminal as well, which means traders are able to manage lots of different accounts all at once.

For traders able to make a minimum deposit of $50,000 there is also the option of using the HotForex FIX/API platform. This is particularly useful for companies and high net worth individuals that want to develop special automated trading systems.

Exceptional Customer Support

Forex trading websites require good customer support given the nature of the business and HotForex does not disappoint. Customers are valued, and the website is structured in such a way that is easy for them to use. HotForex provides customers with support for 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. With the platform offering 27 languages, the company has clearly gone out of its way to meet the needs of as many customers as possible and to make it easy for them to trade with confidence. 

There is a continuous provision of fundamental and technical analysis available to customers and HotForex also provides educational guides so traders of any level can improve their skills and make more significant gains. 

HotForex also takes its responsibilities to society seriously as well and gives money away to worthy causes. For instance, when wildfires broke out in Greece in August 2018, the company donated money to help the communities that had been affected. HotForex also routinely gives cash to great international charities such as Red Cross and UNICEF that do vital humanitarian work around the world. 

HotForex knows the data privacy is an important topic today and it is something that all customers value. As such they do not give user data to any third parties without their permission. The website is encrypted to ensure that private data is not stolen, including those all-important payment details. 

All customers that open an account with $250 or more can access a PAMM account. Professional traders are able to earn more money by sharing their strategies with other HotForex users. Customers with accounts of at least $20,000 are eligible for VIP accounts which include enticing perks like getting tips to your mobile phone and not paying commission except for $5 per lot traded

Improvement For Consideration

Given the fact that forex trading is a particularly competitive industry with demanding clients it is realistic for there to be some recommendations for improvements. These include:-

  • Cryptocurrencies should be able to be traded 7 days a week rather than just 5 days as is the rule at present.

  • A few customers have complained that some transactions take slightly longer than advertised.

  • HotForex has given assurances that it will listen to feedback and work on improving customer satisfaction. However, regarding withdrawals, the company has said this is the fault of third-party companies and not HotForex.

Final Thoughts On The HotForex Platform

From having done a lot of research into HotForex, it is clear that it is a respected forex broker and a great option for traders. To learn more, you can visit the HotForex website which has all the information required to make your decision.

A demo account can be opened, and you can see for yourself all the great benefits that come from opening an account.

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Regulations of HF Markets Group:


Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

HF Markets (UK) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under firm reference number 801701.

FCA is an independent public body governed by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), working alongside the UK Treasury with the aim to support and empower a healthy and successful financial system where firms can thrive and consumers benefit from honest, fair and effective markets that are trustworthy and transparent.



Dubai Financial Services Authority

HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) under licence number F004885.

Aiming to develop, administer and enforce world-class regulation of financial services within the Middle East’s leading financial hub, DFSA is the independent regulator of financial services conducted in or from the Dubai International Financial Centre.


Financial Sector Conduct Authority (South Africa)

HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd is authorized and regulated as a Financial Service Provider (FSP) from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa, under the licence number 46632.

FSCA is an independent institution established by statute to oversee the South African non-banking financial services industry. It regulates the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest exchange in the African continent.


Financial Services Authority (Seychelles)

HF Markets (Seychelles) Ltd is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles with registration number 8419176-1, regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) under Securities Dealer Licence number SD015.

The authority is the regulator for non-bank financial services in the country and is responsible for the licensing, supervision and development of the non-bank financial services industry of the Seychelles.

Fund your account

  • Fast transactions 24/5 during the standard trading hours.

  • Deposit Fees: HotForex does not apply any deposit fees.