Account types in FXTM Broker 

Standard Account

  MT4 / MT5

Tight floating spreads1

Floating from 1:1000

Instant execution

Hedging allowed

Available in EUR, GBP, USD and NGN2

No hidden commissions

SWAP-free option available

Cent Account

     MetaTrader 4

Tight floating spreads1

Fixed leverage 1:1000

Instant execution

Available in EUR cents, GB pence, USD cents and NGN kobo2

Min deposit only 10 EUR/USD/GBP

Cent Lots

SWAP-free option available

Shares Account

MetaTrader 4

180+ US shares

Fixed leverage 1:10

Instant execution

Hedging allowed

Available in EUR, GBP, USD and NGN3

No commissions

SWAP-free option available

ECN ZERO Account

   MT4 / MT5

Now available:

FXTM Invest 4

No commission

Tight floating spreads1

Floating leverage up to 1:1000

Market execution – no re-quotes

Hedging and Scalping allowed

Available in EUR, GBP, USD and NGN 2

SWAP-free option available3

ECN Account

  MT4 / MT5

Now available with

FXTM Invest 4

Spreads from 0.11

Floating leverage up to 1:1000

Market execution – no re-quotes

Hedging and Scalping allowed

Available in EUR, GBP, USD and NGN2

Low commission starting from $4

SWAP-free option available3

FXTM PRO  Account

Tight spreads from 0 pips1

No commissions

Ultra-fast Market execution – no requotes

Floating leverage up to 1:200

Deep liquidity directly from our tier-1 providers

No last-look pricing

SWAP-free option available3

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Forex Time Background – Rising Beginning and Continuous Success

Forex Time (FXTM) started its operations as a licensed broker in the middle of 2011. The well-known entrepreneur Andrey Dashin is the founder of this company. Andrey Dashin has a strong experience in the forex market. He has made a great contribution to develop the Forex market in Europe and the United States of America, which in return affected the performance of Forex Time (FXTM). It has achieved success in a short period of time and quickly grew to become one of the best brokerage firms in the world.

The company’s headquarters are located in Cyprus and as a result of its rapid growth; the company has opened another branch in London. The company’s website is available in 18 languages, which has also helped speed up the company’s spread and formed a broad base of traders from all over the world.

Since the day it was launched till today, Forex Time receives performance quality awards every year. The company received its first award in 2013, a year and a half after its establishment. The award was the “fastest growing forex broker”.

The most important awards received during the course of its work are the following:

  • Most innovated product in 2013, and most educational broker in 2014.

  • Most trusted forex broker “Dubai” in 2015 and Best FX broker in 2016.

  • Best customer service global in 2017 and Best FX broker “Russia” in 2018.

With Forex Time Unique Features, Customer is Always First

Forex Time puts the customers’ satisfaction its top priority and it made great efforts to achieve this goal. FXTM has strong management teams that have long experience aiming mainly to achieve the concept of total quality. Moreover, it has a strong team of analysts who have long experience in the field, which helps traders to execute better transactions, and the company has won several international awards for the best analytics provided by brokerage companies.

The Transactions in FXTM are executed immediately without any problems even in peak times and fast movements. Another special feature for the company is that it offers social trading, which allows, through the ultimate program (FXTM Invest), beginner traders to copy the transactions of experts and professionals.

This broker offers a variety of customers’ educational tools including a variety of e-books, educational videos and a variety of articles in addition to various webinar and seminar. It also gives traders full freedom in choosing the trading strategy that suits them and does not put restrictions on any of them, including hedge and scalping. In addition, it provides a variety of promotional offers and distinctive competitions for demo and real accounts. For example, the company offers $30 as a promotional offer when opening a trading account.

Trusted and Regulated

Forex Time is a licensed and reliable broker that subject to the supervision and control of various financial institutions including:

  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with CIF license number 185/12

  • The Financial Services Board (FSB) of South Africa with FSP No 46614

  • The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK with number 600475

  • The International Financial Services Commission of Belize with License numbers IFSC / 60/345 / TS and IFSC / 60/345 / APM.

Reliability and Safety

FXTM strictly abide by the regulations and highly emphasizing its clients’ fund safety and security. The company creates a safe and reliable trading environment for all customers. Clients’ funds are segregated from the operational funds of the company and kept in top-tier Europe Union banks.

This company adopts the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security and protects customers during their transactions. The card transactions are processed via FT Global Services Ltd, Registration No. HE 335426.

More Than 250 Financial Instruments to Trade

The broker offers the opportunity to trade on more than 250 financial instruments including:

  • Forex: the company allows customers to trade over 50 currency pairs. With floating leverage up to 1: 1000 and low spreads starting from 0.1.

  • Spot Metals (Gold and Silver) with floating leverage up to 1: 20.

  •  Share CFDs: over 180 stocks with floating leverage up to 1:33.

  • CFDs on Commodity Futures: oil products and indices such as the CAC, DAX and S&P.

The company recently allowing customers to trade “Cryptocurrencies”: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum CFDs against the US. Dollar with floating leverage up to 1:10.

Six different types of accounts to meet all traders’ needs

Forex Time offers a variety of accounts, each account has its own characteristics to suit different types of traders running from experienced traders to non-experienced, from small depositors to large. The company offers 6 different types of accounts in two different groups as follows:

  • Standard Accounts: which is particularly suitable for small deposit holders, within this group there are three types of accounts (standard, cent and share).

  • ECN accounts are particularly suitable for large deposit holders. Within this group, there are three types of accounts (ECN, ECN Zero and FXTM Pro).
    Each of these six types of accounts is distinguished from the other in terms of leverage, minimum deposit and withdrawal, and financial instruments allowed to be used in trading.

Ease of Withdrawal and Deposit

This broker offers 16 different methods of withdrawals and deposits, including “Bitcoin”, which are free of charge. Deposits and withdrawals are carried out immediately most of the time. Forex Time constantly striving to make this process even easier. The company accepts small deposits where the minimum deposit is $5.

Most Popular Trading Software

FXTM depends mainly on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, and these applications are available to all of the company’s traders on Windows, Mac, mobile devices and tablets. This enables the traders to execute transactions wherever and whenever they want. In addition, the company offers trading via the web without any need to install (MT4) and (MT5) applications on different devices.

These trading platforms are quick in executing the transactions and technical errors are barely found. In addition to that, it is available for free and it is easy to deal with.

High-Quality Customer Support

This broker makes great efforts to achieve customer satisfaction in the first place by working to meet the requirements of existing customers and to win new ones.
Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is available in eight languages to meet the needs of the largest number of customers. The company uses various means of communication to communicate with customers; includes live chat, telephone and Skype. In addition to that, its website is organized, attractive and easy to handle.
FXTM helps beginners by offering many services including general guidance and different teaching aids. It also offers an advantage for the experts to become a manager of trading strategy, where they can offer their strategies to others to use for a certain percentage of profits.
There are many advanced services provided by the company such as; successful trading signals, important reports, a renewable group of promotional offers in addition to, giving accounts without commission to Muslim traders to comply with the provisions of Islamic law.

Things to Improve

Some comments of the company clients:

  1. Delay in withdrawals and deposits.

  2. Do not close transactions at stop loss and profit orders.

  3. Some customers accuse it of not giving a real bonus and that this is nothing but propaganda.

  4. Some traders accused the company of manipulating prices.

The company dealt immediately with the issues with its clients and responded to the accusations as the following:

  1. 84% of the withdrawals and deposits were made within 5 minutes.

  2. Customer adoption is done within 12 minutes and 90% of customers’ opinions are positive.

  3. The company says that those who accuse the company of manipulation are often beginners’ traders who ignore the basic principles that govern the basic principles of these markets.

  4. Some trades that were not closed at profit and loss stop orders were mostly during strong news times and rapid price jumps, as the price did not touch these predefined orders.

To Sum Up

Based on the above, with a neutral look, we can say that Forex Time is one of the most respected and leading companies in the field. In a short period of time, it has achieved excellent results and rapid growth and has been able to win many valuable awards.

According to the saying: “those who do not work do not make mistakes”, there were few comments and suggestions from some clients and the company has responded to them instantly to maintain its best performance. In the end, few small issues will never be compared to the great achievements and high-quality services provided by the company.

So, We recommend you to try Forex time. Have a look at their website and check out what they can offer you.

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Exinity Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius, with an Investment Dealer License number C113012295.

The foremost aim of the FSC is to position Mauritius as a jurisdiction of integrity with a fair balance of regulation and business development. Exinity Limited has been granted an Investment Dealer (Full Service Dealer, excluding Underwriting) Licence pursuant to Section 29 of the Securities Act 2005, Rule 4 of the Securities (Licencing) Rules 2007 and the Financial Services (Consolidated Licencing and Fees) Rules 2008.

Exinity Limited is licensed to offer trading with Forex and CFD products, among other instruments and securities.

Deposits & Withdrawals

At FXTM, making deposits and withdrawals is simple and straight forward and hardly takes up any of your time. We are constantly striving to offer you even more deposit and withdrawal options and to make the process even easier. If you have any queries just contact our Client Support Team.